Project "Energy Efficiency Facility for Industrial Enterprises"

At the Conference on June 5th, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Bank presented the Mid-term review of the joint Project "Energy Efficiency Facility for Industrial Enterprises". The participation of the Minister of Economy and the World Bank Country Manager for Uzbekistan set the high level to the event that was attended by the heads of national departments, agencies, and the companies involved in the promotion of energy efficient equipment and technologies in Uzbekistan.
The conference also invited banks of Uzbekistan interested in development of funding mechanism for energy efficiency projects. In turn, such directly involved in the Project banks as "Uzbpromstroybank", "Asaka Bank" and "Hamkorbank"  shared their experience in the field with their colleagues - guests of the event.
The conference structure allowed the participants, first of all, to be informed about results and achievements of the first phase of the Project, also to consider further prospects for improving energy efficiency in various sectors, as well as to discuss ways of supporting the industries in reducing energy consumption.
During the Conference the heads of major energy-consuming enterprises in Uzbekistan presented their proposals and discussed related issues. In particular, the CEOs of the Navoi MMC, JSC "Uzmetkombinat" and JSC "Navoiazot", and other companies and associations that have already received the loan as a part of the Project, shared their experience in the implementation energy-efficient technologies. They also discussed the issue of improving energy audits at the energy-intensive enterprises. In addition, participants paid careful attention to raising awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and resource conservation. In particular, the Deputy Minister of National Education spoke about the new elements of teaching about effective use of all resources in high-schools.
In conclusion, it was noted that the Project has already secured savings of more than 145 million KW/h of electricity and 40 million cubic meters of natural gas throughout the country, and intends to increase these figures to 550 million and 168 million respectively.
The Conference on Midterm result of the Project was held in the International Business Centre in Tashkent. The "Energy Efficiency Facility for Industrial Enterprises" Project has been launched in 2011 as the first phase, within the frames of which the International Development Association of the World Bank has allocated $25 million. Currently the Project implements the second phase with $100 million of loan.
The Project aims to improve the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises through the development and implementation of the financing mechanism of investments in energy efficiency. The completion of the Project is set to January 2018.
ALSTOM international organization has also participated in the event and provided its support in organization.

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