Structure of the bank

Chairman of the Management Board


  • Office
  • Consideration of civil application and control over discipline performance department

Law department

  • Contractual-legal section
  • Legal guaranteeing section
  • Methodology section

Risk management department

  • Financial risk analysis Section
  • The Section of credit risks analysis and working with problem assets

Department of internal control

  • Special section of internal control
  • Operational control section
  • Branch network sector of internal control

Human Resource department

  • Section of working organization Head Office
  • Section of branch organization
  • Sector of labor defence

  • Counsellor Chairman of the Management Board
  • Assistant Chairman of the Management Board
  • First section

First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Department credit operations

Management of corporate lending and construction companies

  • Department of Bank guarantees
  • Department of construction lending
  • Department of corporate lending

Management of small business lending

  • Department of long-term lending
  • Department of short-term lending
  • Leasing department

Management of mortgage and consumer lending

  • Department of consumer credit
  • Division of mortgage lending

Management of agricultural enterprises lending

  • Department of cotton and grain crediting
  • Department of economic entities and settlement analysis


Money and cash operations management

  • Department of money circulation
  • Special monitoring department
  • Department of cash operations

Department of security and information protection

  • Department of banking security
  • Department of information security
  • Card systems security sector
  • Center for electronic key registration
  • Sector for emergency situations

Deputy Chairman of the Management of the Board

Department for the coordination and monitoring of investment activity of the bank

Department of financing and monitoring of projects of basic industries

  • Department of finance projects in the chemical and energy industry
  • Department of finance projects oil and gas industry
  • Department of finance projects to improve energy efficiency

Management of investment projects financing

  • Department of finance projects the light industry and other industries
  • Department of small business finance
  • Service and working with financial institutions Department

Management of insolvent companies

Department of external economic activity

Department of currency operations

  • Department of conversion operations
  • Department of export-import operations control
  • Department of account and accountability
  • Dealing operations section

Department of international calculations

  • International payments division
  • Section of correspondent account
  • Documentary operations section
  • Banks-correspondents monitoring sector

Department of money transfers

  • Section of money systems development
  • Money transfers section

Financing of capital investments department

  • Department of financing capital investments and engineering controls
  • Bank construction division

Deputy Chairman of the Management of the Board

Department of economic analysis

Economic analysis division

  • Economic report sector
  • Division of financial planning analysis of financial statements and budget management of the bank

Strategy and marketing management

  • Strategic development division
  • Marketing and advertising sector

Department of accounting and financial reporting

Department for Control accounting operations and reporting

  • Division of consolidated balance sheet and consolidated statements
  • Division of accounting transactions control
  • Sector of conducting archival work

Department for Control accounting operations and reporting

  • Department of tax payment control
  • Division of wage and controlling staff discipline
  • Division of accounting methodology

Pay Center

Sector of implementation of IFRS

Department of the development payment systems based on plastic cards

Division of plastic card

  • Division of the Clearing operations and accounting
  • Sector of the Clearing operations on international cards
  • Department for work with clients and partner banks
  • Sector for card systems development
  • Division of clearing and work with a local payment system

Management of emissions and technical support of card systems

  • Emissive center
  • Division of the local payment system Technical Support
  • Acquiring division
  • The service Department devices for work cards

Department of deposit operations and mini-banks

  • Deposit operations division
  • Retail payments division
  • Mini-banks department
  • Department of analysis of the  branch network activities

Department of securities work

  • Corporate investment division
  • Securities division

Department of information technologies

  • Division of Administration and Systems Support
  • Technical support division
  • Division of Information Technology and interactive services
  • Division of  Telecommunications and Communications

Special department of currency exchange operations

Treasury department

  • Division of pricing policies and operations on the money    
  • Division of assets and liabilities analysis

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