Statement by chairman of the board

Dear shareholders, partners and colleagues!

It is a great honor and luck for us to meet all of you in the year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan which is the great and the most valuable event for the whole nation.

For all of us, independence is a glorious event that drastically changed the purport and content of our life allowing us to enter into a new historical epoch. The independence itself is critical and blessed for us in that our land got liberated, the nation becomes free from the colonial regime; it paved the way to form the democratic state to become equitable among other countries and nations towards creating successful and prosperous life.

It is our independence that contributed to tremendous outcomes obtained by the titanic efforts of our courageous and hard-working people in the shortest possible time that helped to turn the situation around and reshape our cities and settlements, as well as the entire vision of our country. It resulted in higher quality life for our fellow citizens and today Uzbekistan is one of the advanced and developed countries amongst others and this is what we are proud of and honored.

We highly appreciate the fact that Uzpromstroybank committed to contribute to building a new and free society along with comprehensive efforts made in our country. In fact, our bank found its niche and status in the financial market of the country due to our independence. As of today, being a large universal-purpose bank, we offer full financial and credit services in all economic sectors, including for enterprises and companies involved in industry, construction, transport, communication and procurement sectors. The bank is known to make strong efforts to implement the policy regarding capital construction. Today, it plays a critical role and owns the capacity to be one of major market players in our economics.

It may safely be said that this reporting year Uzpromstroybank positioned itself in the financial market of our country as one of the most reliable institutions, the same as last years. At the same time, it was difficult to perform stable and reliable activity in the financial market as before in the midst of the ongoing financial and economic crisis. The pacing drivers of our success in the reporting year include banking services rendered to our clients to meet high quality and timeliness, facilitation in problem solving, creation of the required environment in response to their first address, further consolidation of operating activities and service culture. 

The motto that says "Bank serves the clients not clients serve the bank!" is in place to become the permanent motto of our initiative, promising and healthy team. This is proved by more than 1 million clients served by our bank as of today.

Surely, we can discuss more the pace of growth accomplished by us, landmarks and triggers for accomplishment thereof. However, when it comes to discussion, we should especially note that the most important factor and the criterion for tremendous success is our ever-increasing accountability and sense of duty of our bank staff. It resulted in the resource base consolidated last year, the total volume of assets and capital of the bank tend to increase, which is surely satisfying. And, accordingly, this rate of growth in the last year committed to build capacities for us to specifically succeed.

Finally, the effective bank activities for the last year was strongly rated by the most reputable global rating companies like Standard & Poor`s and Fitch Ratings to make all of us greatly satisfied and to inspire for new winning levels.

In 2016, the year declared by the President of our country as the "Year of Healthy Mother and Child" our Bank sets challenges to implement a range of significant tasks. This includes, in particular, further enhancement of restructuring in economics, strict adherence to prioritized approaches of the national economic program, implementation of the active investment policy to integrate strategically valuable projects, financial support to small business and private entrepreneurship, development of information and communication systems and gaining clients' trust to be the challenging issues for the year 2016.

In this regard, we express our deep gratitude to our shareholders, clients and partners for giving credence to us and support to our bank.

We are confident that our Bank's profound experienced and wealthy opportunities shall be addressed to strengthen the "Bank-Client" channel that inspires assurance in more winning beneficial cooperation in the coming future.

In conclusion, we'd like to wish all of you happiness and prosperity. Let the prosperity and abundance reign in your houses, may the peace and blessings be yours, let there be a clear sky and prosperous life for all of us!

The Management Board of JSCB “Uzpromstroybank”

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