Bank shares

Bank shares

Shares are registered issue-grade securities and may be of common and preferred type. Ordinary shares are voting, giving their holder the right to receive dividends, participation in the management of the company.

Preferred shares are shares that give their owners the right to receive dividends as well as the funds invested in shares upon liquidation of the company. Preferred shares give their holders the right to receive certain dividends regardless of the presence of the company's profit.


Preferred shares are usually placed between individuals in the amount of not more than 20% of the authorized capital of the Bank.


The nominal value of a bank’s share is 19 (nineteen) soums.


As of 01.01.2020, the Bank’s authorized capital (the number of shares placed) is 4.664.513.904.398 (four trillion six hundred sixty four billion five hundred and thirteen million nine hundred and four thousand three hundred and ninety-eight) soums. Of them:

- 243.551.744.442 (two hundred forty three billion five hundred fifty one million seven hundred forty four thousand four hundred forty two) ordinary registered shares with a total value of 4.647.483.904.398 (four trillion six hundred forty seven billion four hundred eighty three million nine hundred four thousand three hundred ninety eight) sum

-370.000.000 (three hundred seventy million) preferred shares with a total value of (seven billion thirty million) soums.

Authorized capital of the Bank

Basis for the Bank's Authorized Capital Increase

Amount of authorized capital

Nominal value of the share

Bank shares 15 issue prospectus



Bank shares 16 issue prospectus



Bank shares 17 issue prospectus



Bank shares 18 issue prospectus



Bank shares 19 issue prospectus



Bank shares 20 issue prospectus



Bank shares 23 issue prospectus



Bank shares 20 issue prospectus



Bank shares 20 issue prospectus



Bank shares 20 issue prospectus



Bank shares 20 issue prospectus


Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 21, 2015 No PP-2454 "On additional measures to attract foreign investors to joint-stock companies" Decision on issue of additional shares and issue prospectus on March 5, 2016 to the amount of 219.8 billion sums with the purpose of implementation of the Resolution # 33 and the share of foreign investors in the authorized capital of the Bank is not less than 15%. Registration number 21 at the Center for Securities Market Coordination and Development.

Total 65.0 million additional shares of JSCB "Uzpromstroybank" was placed on the "Toshkent" exchange trading platform at the price of US $ 1.57 (24% of the Bank's total authorized capital,$ 102.05 million)  on April 21, 2016 . As of today, these shares are being placed.

Bank Deposit Certificates

Conditions for deposit certificates are as follows:


Annual interest rate (in%)

From 181 to 365 days

Refinancing rate plus 1.0%

366 to 730 days

Refinancing rate plus 1.5%

731 to 1095 days

Refinancing rate plus 2.0%

Interest on certificates of deposit is paid at the beginning of each month within ten banking days to the investor’s main checking account.


The dividend is a part of the company's net profit distributed among shareholders. The company is obliged to pay dividends declared on each type of shares.

By decision of the general meeting of shareholders, the dividend may be paid in cash or other legal means of payment, or in the company's securities.

Payment of dividends by securities on preference shares of the company is not allowed.

The dividend is distributed among the shareholders in proportion to the number and type of shares owned by them.

The decision to pay dividends, the size of the dividend, the form and procedure for its payment on shares of each type is taken by the general meeting of shareholders based on the recommendation of the supervisory board of the company, the financial statements in the case of an audit opinion on its reliability. The amount of dividends may not exceed the amount recommended by the supervisory board of the company.

According to the results of the first quarter, six months, nine months of the fiscal year and (or) based on the results of the fiscal year, the Company is entitled to make decisions on the payment of dividends on the placed shares.

The term and procedure for paying dividends are determined by the company's charter or the decision of the general meeting of shareholders. The dividend payment period may not be later than sixty days from the date of such a decision.

Persons registered in the shareholder register of a company formed for holding a general meeting of shareholders, at which a decision was made to pay dividends to shareholders, are entitled to receive a dividend on shares.

When paying dividends, dividends on preference shares are paid first, then dividends on ordinary shares.

For information on dividends, the Head office of the bank and securities or branches of the bank.

Information on accrued and paid dividends for 2014-2018, JSCB “Uzpromstroybank”

At the end of the year






Types of stock

Simple Privileged

Simple Privileged

Simple Privileged

Simple Privileged

Simple Privileged

Percentage of accrued and paid dividends

2.6% 23%

2.67% 23%

3.13% 23%

2.0% 23%

3.3% 23%

For questions about receiving dividends, shareholders can contact the bank’s branches.

For questions on bank shares: (8 378) 120-45-07

For questions on dividend: (8 378) 120-45-00 (1330)

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